Wood Badge Advanced Workshops (Scouts Canada, Camp Samac, Oshawa, Ontario)

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Advance your leadership skills and creating a bond & commitment to the Scouting movement.

As per Scouts Canada’s national policy around training, we should all have completed a Wood Badge Part I in our primary roles.

Your next step to developing your skills as a Scouts Canada volunteer is to complete Wood Badge Scouter Development Cards. Build your confidence and enhance your knowledge and skills base as you advance your leadership skills.

Wood Badge Advanced challenges a more in-depth look at programming for your Section and will help you run successful programs. You will also have an opportunity to network with other Scouters allowing you a chance to learn from each other, share ideas and team build. Working together with a group of peers and Support Scouters we will help you through your learning plan towards your goal of achieving your Wood Badge Advanced Scouter Development Cards.

Please consider attending these workshop weekends as it will provide you with a wealth of knowledge and skills that will enable you to motivate and lead in the delivery of quality Scouting programs. Participants will work through their trail cards with the aid of the Support Scouters dedicated to fostering a deeper understanding of the program.


Program Description for Wood Badge Advanced

Wood Badge is an internationally recognized volunteer-development program focusing on the knowledge and skills needed to facilitate the Scouting program. These competencies include youth program facilitation, outdoor skills, Scouter support, risk management and safety. The Wood Badge refers to the recognition that Scouters receive when they complete the Wood Badge program:

  • The Wood Badge—two wooden beads on a leather thong
  • The Gilwell neckerchief
  • The leather Wood Badge woggle
  • The Wood Badge certificate

This course will provide you with the advanced skills necessary to plan and run Scouts Canada’s youth programs in compliance with Program Standards and By-Laws Policies and Procedures. The emphasis will be on long term program planning, outdoor activities and team development.

The core objectives of Wood Badge Part II include:

Program Facilitation

  • Assessing Program Quality
  • Engaging Parents
  • Facilitating Adventures
  • Facilitating a Balanced Program
  • Facilitating for Diverse Youth
  • Facilitating Personal Progression
  • Facilitating Section Meetings
  • Facilitating SPICES Facilitating STEM Adventures
  • Facilitating the Outdoor Adventure Skills Program
  • Fundraising
  • Incorporating Spirituality
  • Incorporating the Badge Program
  • Planning for Youth-led Scouting
  • Using the Patrol (Team) System
  • Working With Your Section Leadership Team
  • Youth-led Camping

​Volunteer Support

  • Conducting Crucial Conversations
  • Developing Effective Scouter Teams
  • Growing the Movement
  • Recruiting Volunteers
  • Volunteer Support

Outdoor Skills (Prerequisite​)

  • Camping Skills
  • Facilitating Winter Adventures
  • Outdoor Safety Skills
  • Scoutcraft​

In addition, you will get the opportunity to meet and network with other Scouters from across Ontario. The workshops encompass group activities, discussions, case studies and hands-on activities with a large portion taking place outdoors.

You will be asked to select a section when registering for the Wood Badge Advanced Scouter Development Cards Workshop weekends. This will aid your Support Scouters when mentoring you in the program section you are most interested in:

  • Colony (Beaver Scouts)
  • Pack (Cub Scouts)
  • Troop (Scouts)
  • Company (Venturer Scouts)
  • Crew (Rover Scouts)

Some of the programs will be conducted together however a portion of the program will be within your section teams to facilitate section specific conversations, program planning, skills, and networking.

Candidates are encouraged to attend both weekends, complete self-directed learning requirements in between the weekends, and will be mentored on all prerequisites to complete their Wood Badge Advanced Scouter Development Cards. Upon competition, all candidates should be in a position to request their Wood Badge certificate and regalia from their respective Group Commissioner.


Dates & Location

This is 2 weekends of Scouter Development Workshops:

The 2022 dates are posted and expected to run with consideration for COVID restrictions.

April 8-10, 2022
June 3-5, 2022

Course begins approx. 7pm on Friday and concludes approx. 2pm on Sunday.

The workshops are held at Camp Samac, Oshawa

Camp Samac, Scouts Canada
275 Conlin Rd E
Oshawa, ON

The first weekend participants will be camped in and around Kitchie Lodge. Kitchie Lodge features indoor toilets, showers, bunks, training areas, and mess hall. Bring your own tent. Food services for the first weekend will be provided by our Quartermaster team (bring your mess kit).

The second weekend you will be camping with your sections on Lakeland field at Camp Samac and will come self-contained within your section.

Both weekends feature a catered Saturday night banquet (by cohort) which provides time to relax, enjoy some great food and socialize with the other Scouters.




1 – Wood Badge I for The Canadian Path
In order to apply for Wood Badge II you must have completed your Wood Badge I for the Canadian Path training and it must appear in your training record in MyScouts.ca For help in completing your Wood Badge I for the Canadian Path if required contact your Group Commissioner or Group Support Scouter.

2 – Outdoor Skills Requirement
To help facilitate the Outdoor Skills required for the Wood Badge II an additional weekend will be set aside in May to focus on those skills. You must achieve the ‘I Can’ (level 3) of the Outdoor Skills Scouter Development Cards. This allows the workshop Support Scouters to focus on helping you develop program skills during the two weekends of Wood Badge Advanced.

There are 2 ways you can meet the requirements of the Outdoor Skills Scouter Development cards:

Option One: Participate in one of the Outdoor Skills (Scoutcraft 1 & 2) weekends or other workshops to gain the required skills. For workshops in White Pine Council click here to visit the website.

Option Two: Have past training or equivalent experience through your own self-directed learning that satisfies the requirements of the Outdoor Skills Scouter Development Cards.

3 – Experience with the Section You Are Registering For & Ability to Work with the Section In Between Workshop Weekends
It is recommended that you have one year of experience within the section that you are applying for. This gives you a good understanding of the basics of the program and will help you in relating to the materials in the workshops.
You should also have a group with the section you are taking the workshops for that you can work with between the 2 weekends to complete self-directed learning portion of the program.

4 – Have Identified A Support Scouter
Support Scouters form a big part of the WB II Scouter Development Cards program and being a Scouter in general. In between the 2 weekends and after completion, you will continue to work with your Support Scouters to help you further develop skills in Scouting.


Workshop Flyer & Marketing Materials



Registration is conducted online. To register now click the link below to visit the registration page.